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Singapore Children's Forum 2017: What Makes You Shine?

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

A total of 76 children participated in the Singapore Children’s Forum on the second day of Singapore Children's Society 65th Anniversary Conference, sharing their thoughts on what success meant to them personally.

Themed ‘What Makes You Shine?’, the third of such forum by Children’s Society was presented in the format of a live television programme, featuring skits and videos by the children.

There were also dialogue segments with staff facilitators that saw the children answer questions from the audience about how parents can develop their children’s passions and help them excel.

Tommy Lee, 11, who attends Jurong Youth Centre, co-hosted the forum. He said the event helped explain to adults what children want in terms of help in achieving their goals.

“Success to a child is mainly about them being happy,” he said. “Support your kids in their passions, success is not all about qualifications.”

The aspiring young photographer added that happiness for children comes when they can give back to society and achieve their goals while pursuing their passion.

“Being able to eventually support my own family, take care of my parents and give back to society, that is success,” he said.

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